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What day was Dean resurrected?full name of month day, year
How long was Dean dead?
Pamela is blinded when she looks at who?
Where does Bobby live?
What is Sam and Dean's grandfather's name?first and last
What is Sam and Dean's grandmother's name?first and last
What year did Mary make a deal with Azazel for John's life?
When did Azazel want to come back?
Jack Montgomery is what kind of creature?
Which episode is in black and white?
Lucy is actually a shapeshifter obessed with who?
What animal scares Dean in a locker?
What does Dean get infected with?
What song does Jensen dance and lipsing to at the end of Yellow Fever?
What is the name of the demon of Halloween?
Don Harding is a witch pretending to be what?
Where is the wishing well?Name of restaurant
What toy does Audrey wish would come to life?
What do Sam and Dean tell Audrey is wrong with her teddy bear?
Who gave Wes the magic coin?
What is Anna Milton?
How many possible seals are there to release Lucifer?
How many seals have to be broken?
What is the name of the demon that tortured Dean in hell?
What has Anna lost?
What is the name of the family in family remains?
How many children did Rebecca Gibson have?
What magical object does Charlie use to stay immortal?
What are the names of Charlie's friends?
After School Special shows us the boys at school in what year?
What is the name of the school the boys temporarily attended and then returned for a case?
What was the name of the bully in After School Special?
Who was Sam's childhood friend in After School Special?
What was the creature that disguised as strippers convinced men to kill their wives?
How did Cole Griffin die?
Who is revealed to be a traitor in On the Head of a Pin?
What company do the guys work for in It's a Terrible Life?
What is Dean's last name in It's a Terrible Life?
What is Chuck's pen name?
What is Chuck?
What is Sam and Dean's half-brother's name?first and last
What kills Adam?
When is Adam's birthday?
What is Adam's mom's name?
What is Castiel's vessel's name?
Where is Castiel's vessel from?
What is Castiel's vessel's daughter's name?
Sam is locked up to detox from what?
Where is Sam locked up at?
Who is the first demon?

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