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What is Tamara's husband's name?
What are the magnificent seven?
Which ex-girlfriend of Dean's do we meet?
What is Ben's full name?
How old is Ben turning?
What creature takes a child's place and feeds on the mother?
What is stolen from John's lock-up box?
What is the name of the demon helping Sam?
What does Sam loose after his luck turns bad?'I lost my...'
What alias does Bela use in Bad Day at Black Rock?
Casey revels the yellow-eyed-demon's name, what is it?
Demons believe in a high power, according to Casey, who is it?
Dean mentions watching a porn version of what fairy tale?
Bedtime Stories refers to many fairytales: Snow White, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel and what?
Callie was poisoned by who?
What does Bela tell Gertrude her name is?
What is the name of the ghost ship?
Gordon believes Sam is...?
During A Very Supernatural Christmas we see flashbacks to Christmas of what year?
What did Sam get Dean for Christmas in the flashbacks?
What do the Pagan Gods make wreaths from?
How do you kill a Pagan God?
What does Sam buy Dean for Christmas?
What does Dean buy Sam for Christmas?
What was Ruby before she was a demon?
What demon leads the witches in Malleus Maleficarum?
What kind of tea did Bobby drink to make him get stuck in his own dream?
Sam has a sexy dream about who?
Who did Bobby dream was chasing him?
Why did Bobby kill his wife?In the past
What day does Sam relive over and over again?
What song plays everytime Sam wakes up again in Mystery Spot?
What did Dean eat for breakfast in Mystery Spot?
What does the waitress drop in Mystery Spot?
Where do Sam and Dean get tattoos at?
What show does Ed and Harry create?
What is Ed's adopted sister's name?
Who does Corbett have a crush on?
Dean has a platinum account with what website?all together like a website
Who is really calling people in Long-Distance Call?
What phone number are the dead using?
Dean asks if a crocotta is a what?
What is the name of the guy who found out how to live forever?
What body part does the doctor try to take from Sam?
What song plays during season finales?
In what episode does Dean die?
Where does Bobby find out that Lilith is at?
What weapon does Ruby have?
What song do Sam and Dean sing in the car in the season finale?
Where is Dean at the end of the season?

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