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What is the name of the reaper?
In what episode does John Winchester die?
What does Sam use to talk to Dean when he is in a coma?
Who owns Harvelle's Roadhouse?
What is the Harvelle's daughter name?
What is Sam afraid of?
Where did Ash go to college?Initials
What does Gordon Walker specialize in hunting?
Dean is the only person who is allowed to call Sam what?
What cemetary is Mary buried in?
What kind of monster is Angela?
What does Sam break at the end of Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things?
What is Andy Gallagher's twin's name?
What is on Andy's van?
Jo is kidnapped by the spirit of America's first serial killer, what is his name?
Jo's father was killed on a hunt with who?
What did danashulps end up meaning?
What does Dean say is his astrological sign?
At which bar does Robert Johnson play at?
To make a crossroads deal a person has to bury a box containing graveyard dirt, black cat's bones, and...?
What virus is Sam immune to?
What was Sarge's neighbor's name?
Where is Ava Wilson from?
What word does Dean use as a code to tell Sam he is in trouble?
What was the name of the ghost in Playthings?
The ghost tried to kill Tyler by making her jump in...?
What did Rose collect?
Where did Tyler, Susan, and Rose live?
Ron thinks that shapeshifters are...?
Who has an ID that says Han Solo?
Who was killed at Our Lady of the Angels?
In Houses of the Holy we find out Sam believes in what?
Dean tells Sam that he heard unicorn shoot what out of their butts?
Who possesses Sam?
What was Steve Wandell's job?
What does Curtis say the aliens made him do?
What two ghosts haunt Highway 41?
What did Jonah Greely's wife do after he died?
What creature is Madison?
Who kills Madison?
What is the movie being filmed in Hollywood Babylon?full title
What prison do Sam and Dean purposely get sent to?
Deacon served in the Marine's with who?
What was the nickname of the large prisoner Dean fought with?
What creature puts Dean into an alternate universe?
In the alternate world what is Dean's girlfriend's name?
Where was Jake Talley before he was transported for the yellow-eyed-demon's test?
Where did the yellow-eye-demon transport all his special children to?
Who kills Sam?
How long is Dean given in his deal?

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