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What is Sam's girlfriend's name?
Sam is studying law at what school?
What day did Mary Winchester die?
What is the woman in white's name?
How do they kill the wendigo?
Bloody Mary's real name was...?
In phantom traveller we learn Dean is afraid of...?
Jacob Karns is better known as who?
Who does the shapeshifter take the form of?
What is Missouri (not a state)?
What is the Winchester father's name?
What car do the boys drive?
Who is the ghost in Dead in the Water?
Who runs Hell Hound's Lair?First names only
What do the boys hunt in Something Wicked?
What is the name of the preacher's daughter?
Which member of the Merchant family is the murderer?
What is the name of the art dealer's daughter?
What kills Daniel Elkins?
Who made the colt?
When was the colt made?
What is Meg?
What is Pastor Jim's last name?
What is the name of the baby the yellow-eyed demon goes after in Salvation?
What soon to be major character do we meet in the last episode of season 1?
What day does Jessica die?Full name of month day, year
How old is Sam?numerals
Where are they at when hunting the wendigo?
What color was Peter Sweeney's bike?
What was Amanda Walker's job?
What does Dean build an EMF reader out of?
Who kills Steven Shoemaker?
Shapeshifters eyes flare when caught on...?
The hook man's hook was melted down and turned into...?
What was the name of the bug obsessed boy in Bugs?
What town is attacked by bugs because of a Native American curse?
Where did they boys live before Mary's death?
What is the name of the haunted asylum?
The asylum patients rioted in what part of the asylum?
Fill in the blank, 'I hope your _______ pie is freakin' worth it?'
The vanir needs a sacrifice of...?
What does Dean electrocute in Faith?
What was wrong with Layla?
Who owned the killer truck?
What does Sam start having that gives him headaches?
What are the Benders?species
What are the shadow monsters called?
Who kills Caleb?
What is the name of the Tulpa?
What is Michael's brother's name?

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