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I am unaware that I'm a nuisance
And never be satisfied if I couldn't see those eyes
Cause an empty room can be so loud
This is how it is and this is how it's gonna stay
You warned me that you were gonna leave
One day when I came home at lunchtime
I've been hurt before so baby promise that you're gonna be true
I'm gonna give my love to someone else
Pack up all your tears, throw them in your backseat
Now you got me beggin baby, beggin baby please
High heels, red dress, all by yourself, gotta catch my breath
That's right you got issues
The lights out never had this bright a glow
This time is the last time I will ever beg you to stay
He's back at college out of town, I find a reason to go round
I don't want to loose her, don't wanna let her go
Did I break it apart? Did I break it, your heart?
You are my beautiful
So I'll give a kiss and say goodnight
And we're falling faster now
If you're gone I'll move on
Dreamers you see everything in color while the world is getting darker
And that's what's wrong with this song
Now I found out you were lying
How beautiful she really is
You said you didn't mean to break my heart but girl you did
It's the hope for all the hopeless in the worst of trying times
If it's you and me right now that'd be alright
Better believe I bled
You can call me but I won't pick up my phone
Reminisce on memories cause we're gone
One minute and the earth begins to shake
Can someone stop the noise
I've been runnin races still don't know what I've been chasin
Where would we be if we couldn't dream
So I'll wait for kingdom come
I'm not about to be another victim
You left without a single word, not even sorry
She is so beautiful, she's my dream girl
I've really had enough
Hey darling, always been good to you
Tonight I walked into the bedroom
I'm gonna tell you that I love you in the best way that I can
I'll just keep on dreamin
I just can't seem to get you off my mind
That's when he gets in my head
I wanna fight with you make up tonight with you
Your still holding all of my heart
Thank you gravity
People change and promises are broken

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