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What is Kevin's real first name?
What is Kevin's wife's first name?
What is Kevin's wife's maiden name?
What is Kevin's wife's brother's name?
What is Kevin's wife's sisters' names?
What is Kevin's anniversary (m/d/y)
What is Kevin's dogs names?
Which two brothers were born in New Jersey?
What opera was Joe in as a child?
What was Joe's GPA at graduation?
What is the name of the 3rd song on Joe's solo CD?
What is the title of Nick's side band?
What is Joe's dog's full name?
When was Nick diagnosed with diabetes (m/d/y)
What city was Joe born in?
What city was Kevin born in?
What city was Nick born in?
What city was Frankie born in?
What is Frankie's full name?
What is Nick's full name?
What is Joe's full name?
What is Kevin's full name?
What is their mother's full name?
What is their father's full name?
What is their mother's maiden name?
What is Nick's dog's name?
What is Kevin's daughters full name?
What are their mother's parent's names? (father and mother lastname)
What are their father's mom and step-dad's name? (mother and step-dad lastname)
What was Nick's first Broadway role?
What was their first dog's name?
What is Frankie's birthday (m/d/y)?
How old were their parents when the got married?
What is their mom's birthday (m/d)
What is their dad's birthday (m/d)
Why does Joe need glasses?
What is Joe's cat's name?
What is their main body guard's name?
Who is the lead guitar player in the band? (Not Kevin)
Who is the keyboard player in the band?
Who is the drummer in the band?
Who is the bass player in the band?
The backing band has their own side band, what is it called?
Who was the original drummer?
What band is the original drummer in now?
What was their first single?

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