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lonely nerd get's the 2 hottest girls in the school to fall for him somehow because he wrote an essay about bears
Experience your cringey 12 year old delusions in anime form
girl who barely trained for 1 year beats a foreign expert in a flying sport
Guy can go back in time to save people; ends up finding out his Elementary school teacher is a psychopathic murderer
A dude gets a magical loli harem because his right hand is really powerful
Little girl, her imaginary teacher who is dead and her friends play walking dead in real life
Fat dude works out and become hot; turns out the childhood friend who mocked him liked him while he was fat(not that you would know because cliffhanger anime)
Kancolle but with real ships
Little girl with a huge ass computer room who eats ramen with leek solves mysteries and crimes about gangfights, prostitution, suicide and drug trafficking
Guy nearly dies to a magical explosion around a girl; dates the girl, and other girls who explode the same way, and his sister, and his classmate
Piano Prodigy goes deaf because his mother died, gets his hearing back because his friend and crush died
Guy joins robot company; gets a robot girlfriend that is dying
guy in poverty learns to fight with money and ends up destroying the YEN currency forcing japan to use dollars
Lesbians daily lives in middle school
2 orphans blow up stuff to get a detective to uncover the truth on why they blow up stuff, it was anticlimatic but they die
2 England girls go to Japan to study and they are really cute
2 girls and a guy (and his friend) revives the light music club; Everyone cucks each other and no one is happy in the end
God makes a group of friends change bodies and other weird **** like being unable to control their impulses or thoughts being sent out at random
a dudes marries a retained senior girl; she dies, then his kid dies as well, then time travel **** happens and everything is fine again
Girl falls for his otaku/weaboo clubmate and together they draw stuff
guy gets killed by a spaceship crashing, gets hot alien girlfriend
The most dense human to exist in anime pilots a mech meant for females
A girl and his gay childhood friend both like the same teacher; they solve mysteries together
Eroge nerd hits on real life girls because a demon told him to do so
A group of friends have powers; they play with it and nearly burn down their clubroom; turns out more people have powers and are evil;NOTHING HAPPENS BECAUSE CLIFFHANGER ANIME.
Angels are Lazy and Sadistic while Demons are Cute and Meticulous
A girl makes friends and continuously saves the city because she is the 3rd Strongest Person in the city
A dude has brain damage and has to make choices, then a girl falls from the sky and tries to help him fix his brain damage
Guy dies in the most humiliating way ever/goes to another world and teams up with a useless goddess,a masochistic warrior and a chuunibyou exploding loli
A city is overrun by monsters; A guy with special eyes teams up with a girl whose brother is the culprit to save the city! sort of
dude gets a loli sword
A bunch of dudes do stupid **** with their lives and make it into an anime
Old guy eats pill to become high schooler to learn life again
a dude's online girlfriend becomes his real waifu
3 overpowered kids go to another world with their powers to save the world
Everyone is dead, the only living things are antivirus programs and this show tries way to hard to be deep but ends up being rather confusing
narcissistic guy gets held at gunpoint to manage a park
A group of friends who play baseball die except 2 of them; then the 2 of them saves everyone because magic powers
High school graduate joins lesbian game making company
Mad Scientist, Normal Scientist, Cute Girl and Fat Otaku save the world using a time machine they made from a microwave and a cellphone
guy dies then saves a school in the afterlife
2 NEET siblings go into another world and destroys everyone there at their own game(No seriously screw cliffhangers)
A dude can Dual Wield in a MMO game, but he wields multiple chicks in a harem IRL
A guy is really cool. Like REALLY cool
a bunch of friends sets off fireworks to get rid of the ghost of their dead friend
Guy loses his memories, ends up naked outside the white house, saves the world from missiles using a cellphone with money
A guy becomes super strong ; but only for 5 minutes at a time
edgy kid uses special powers to cheat in exam; later finds out his sister is dead and he actually has a brother who is blind; goes to save the world while forgetting his girlfriend
Asteroid kills a girl; 3 years later a guy manages to become the girl and saves the village from the asteroid
A typical magic school light novel adaptation except the main character actually has balls to ask the girl out to be his girlfriend and it is not a harem!
Deaf girl who gets bullied befriends her suicidal bully many years later and together they befriend all their old friends and do some stupid **** and nearly die idk
This dude is lazy. Like REALLY LAZY
Small girls fight rat infection on Japanese warships
lazy genious, curious girl, tsundere girl and database guy solve mysteries in school because curious girl cant mind her own business
9 girls start singing and become super famous in Japan after a trip to New York
A king give birth to lots of kids with special powers and they save the country along with running for elections
A dude lives with lots of cats and a lot of problematic artistic(autistic) people in a special dorm meant for them
Vigilante tries to kill all evildoers. Did not go according to keikaku (TL note : keikaku means plan)
A gangster dude with spiky hair enrolls into a school; finds out everyone in the school is weird as ****
Magical Girl moves to country side and lives life there, shocking her normal friends with her powers and pulling out weird plants from the ground
Otaku tries to make a game with a bunch of experience doujin creators and a girl he met on a road who he didn't know was his classmate
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