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'I Met a Man', 'Manic Depressives', 'I'm In A Tree'1971
'Men', 'Flattery', 'Never Before'1958
'The Assyrians', 'We're A Little Family', 'Hi Ya Kid!'1984
'I, To The World', 'OPEC Maiden', 'A Loud And Funny Song'1981
'Sur Les Quais', 'Hello, Little Dream', 'Saturday'1971
'Blame It On The Summer Night', 'Penny a Tune', 'I Remember'1986
'Lazy Afternoon', 'Goona Goona', 'Calypso'1954
'How Are You Since?', 'The Verandah Waltz', 'Swing Your Bag'1970
'Each Tomorrow Morning', 'Garbage', 'I Don't Want To Know'1969
'No Song More Pleasing', 'Away From You', 'Elizabeth'1976
'Colored Lights', 'The Apple Doesn't Fall', 'We Can Make It'1984
'People Like Us', 'Black Is a Moocher', 'How Many Women in the World?'2000
'Here I Am', 'Poor Little Person', 'Weary Near To Dying'1967
'Meadowlark', 'Chanson', 'Serenade'1976
'Pears and Apples', 'I'm Small', 'Wa Wa Wa'1972
'Learn To Be Lonely', 'No More Mornings', 'There She Is'1982
'That Old Time Crowd', 'I'll Never Go There Anymore', 'Ballad to a Brute'1965
'It's Good to Be Home', 'Take Her To The Mardi Gras', 'The Other Hours' 2001
'I Wish It So', 'The Liffey Waltz', 'One Kind Word'1959
'Maman', 'No More Than A Moment', 'Gone'1967
'Disneyland', Nerves', 'There Goes the Girl'1986
'A Place Called Alimony', 'At My Side', 'It Wouldn't Be You'1989
'Lovin' Al', 'Joe', 'Something to Point To'1978
'Starfish', 'Belonging', 'Everything Needs Something'1969
'The Cocoa Bean Song', 'Something Big', 'One Wife'1961

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