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Can you name the countries given different words that sound similar to the real country name?

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Forced Order
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In Other Words...Country
Bra Seal
Mix Echo
Van What Too
News Eel Land
Sweet Den
Switch Her Land
Chill Lay
Bell Lee's
Is Rail
Each Shipped
Tune is Ya
High Rack
Tie Won
Turn Key
Come More Rows
See Air Awe Lee Own
Lie Beer Ya
Pair Rag Way
Mars Shawl I Lends
And Or A
In Other Words...Country
Port To Goal
Coo Wait
Mall Lee
Tow Go
Can Ya
Ooze Back Is Tan
Honda Rust
Bull Gear Ya
Soot Dan
And Goal Awe
Less Soot Too
Mass Ed Own Ya
Pan Am Awe
Pair Roo
Bell Gym
Net Her Lands
Some All Ya
Arm Mean Ya
Sing A Poor
In Done Easy Awe

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