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total area under curve is equal to one, no negative values, represents a probability function
likihood thatthe true population parameter lies outside the confidence interval (1-confidence level)
tendency of measurement proces to be an incorrect estimator of a parameter
min, Q1, median, Q3, max
conclusion about the population based on many random samplings
probability of each value of a random variable
qualitative variables; take on names that are names or labels
study that obtains data from every member of a population
sampling distribution of any statistic will be normal or close to normal, if the sample size is large enough
r^2; proportion of the variance inthe dependent variable that is predictable from the independent variable
Q3-Q1; measure of variability
used to express degree of encertainty associated with a sample statistic; interval estimate combined with a probability statement
occurs when experimental controls do not allow the experimenter to reasonably eliminate plausible alternative explainations for an observed relationship between independent and dep
variable that can take on any value between two specified values; opposite of discrete
group that receives no treatment or a neutral treatment
measures the strangth of the association between two variables
factor used to compute the margin of error (t-score, z-score, etc.)
percentages corresponding to the area under a normal curve within each standard deviation
variable that can only take on whole number values
events that cannot occur simultaneously
subjects are matched according to a variable the experimenter wishes to control
subjects and analysts do not know who received the placebo and who did not
controlled study in which the researcher attempts to understand cause and effect relationships
point with such an extreme value that it greatly affects the slope of the regression line
distribution that deals with the number of successes within a set number of trials
distribution that deals with the number of trials required for a single success
x axis is quantitative variable, y axis is size of group
occurence of one event does not effect the probability of another
determined by n choose r
estimate or infer on the basis of certain variables within the known range
replacement of the y variable with log(y) in order to make the relationship linear
probability that an event will not occur
relative frequency an event will convere on theprobability of the event as the number of trials increases
method of determining the curve that best describes the relationship between expected and observed sets of data by
change to a variable charcterized by an operation--adding/subtracting a constant, multiplying/dividing by a constant
calculator command to determine z-score
extraneous variables that serve as an explaination for the observed relationship between the independent and dependent variables
central tendency

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