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AstroClueHeavenly BodyOther info
Famous for bookending Mark Twain's life
Where the opportunity is willing but the spirit is weak
The lowest surface temperatures among the terrestrial planets are on this planet
The star that is closest to Earth
The butt of crude astronomy jokes since 1781
Though not a true planet, it is currently the 9th largest object known to orbit the Sun
Made of chocolate-malt nougat topped with caramel and covered with milk chocolate
Was banished from 'Club Planet' in 2006
AstroClueHeavenly BodyOther info
This red supergiant inspired a 1988 Tim Burton horror/comedy film
Home planet to Commander Lrrr
Planet most NASA scientists now believe is host to simple earthlike microorganisms
The planet that inspired the name of the Robinson family spacecraft
A goddess on the mountain top was burning like a silver flame
Shares its nickname with an NBA legend
Following Genesis, this flop hearalded Sega's exodus from the video game console market
TNO's are found closest to, but never inside this planet's orbit

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