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Can you name the Random things in Pre-Cal?

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no hints for youanwsers
What number planet are we?
Who dunked in the teacher-student basketball game?
f(x) = log2 x (x=32)
How many new flavors of mountian dew came out?
Name the 4th term in the sequence given 3n - 2?
What sport does Mr. C like the best?
What is the percentage of guys to girls in our class?
1x + 2x + 3x = 18 find X
no hints for youanwsers
Who is the biggest automobile manufacturer in 2010
What kind of computers did this test get made on
expand- log4 5(x^3)y
Is this your favorite class?
How many days are in the school year
What is the most consumed liquid in the world?

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