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Can you name the Pokemon that fit in each sentence??

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Aladin rides on a ________et.
Among the members of the band are a man playing the trumpet, someone on percussion, and one will _______.
All this rock and ______ __ts my feet
Don't ___ ___ that wall. Graffiti is vandalism.
Witnessing the murder will _____ __ dreams for the rest of her life.
Rattlesnakes have _____, ___er animals fear.
In order to win at a slot machine you must _____ __ach quater.
I use __ ____ sticks, instead of a fork and knife, while at Chinese restaurants.
Honestly, I think the only people who can solv e this te__ ___ __ and Satoshi Tajiri.
I'm a planet, I'm a moon, __ _ ____.
A stalker might ___ _ ___ through a window.
If you ____ _ ___ster, it will poke you back.

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