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Can you name the Lois & Clark castmembers?

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She played Lois Lane
He played Clark Kent, aka Superman
She appeared as Clark's mom, Martha
He had the role of Clark's dad, Jonathan
He was the first Jimmy Olsen (1993-1994)
She played gossip columnist Cat Grant
His role was the nefarious Lex Luthor
This man played Perry White
He was the second Jimmy Olsen (1994-1997)
This guy played the witty, wicked, time-traveling Tempus
She appeared as romantic rival Mayson Drake
This lovely lady played Ellen Lane from 1995-1997
He first appeared in 1995 as Sam Lane
He appeared in four episodes in 1994, playing the character Jack
This guy played Dan 'please, call me Daniel' Scardino in 1995
He co-starred as Dr. Klein
His character, Bobby Bigmouth, loved to eat -- and blab
He played Inspector Henderson in several 1994 episodes
A member of a famous family, he played Leslie Luckabee in 1997
He played Lex's right-hand man, Nigel St. John

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