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Can you name the US/Canadian cities by their Lonely Planet definitions?

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Lonely Planet says...City
Nicknamed Nap Town, xxxx is, truth be told, kind of snore-evoking. An exception is the museum, where you can ogle racecars and take a spin around the renowned speedway
a blend of ethnicities, a cacophonous mixture of language, custom and cuisine served with generous helpings of hospitality. It has the only royal palace in the country
xxxx walks the line between American cultural osmosis and staunch northern independence. Masters of this balancing act, locals embrace both worlds with verve
xxxx? Is that the place with the big mall? Yes, that is xxxx’s greatest hit, but this provincial capital is so much more than just a working class oil boomtown
xxxx is a testament to prairie ingenuity. Found a place to make a city, but there are no trees? No drama, just plant a few thousand. Want some water? Easy, we’ll make a lake
The attractive capital continues to impress. The postcard-perfect Parliament regally anchors the downtown core at the confluence of three gushing rivers
‘Keep xxxx Weird’ extol local bumper stickers. All those longhorn tattoos and car-window stickers you see? Those are Bevo, the mascot: ‘Hook ’em horns!’
Welcome to xxxx, whose perpetually cloudy skies mean that if the sun peeks out for a second, everyone drops whatever they’re doing and gears up to take their kayaks out
It's pure Old World Europe right smack in North America, boisterous and down-to-earth, the only walled city on the continent north of Mexico
fantabulous gay party scene, mad rednecks, the cast-off spawn of the dinosaur age cruising the waterways, and a celebrity scene that would make OK! magazine wee itself in joy
With its rich history, grand architecture and world-renowned academic and cultural institutions, the city radiates the glory it has garnered over the last four centuries
Founded in 1914 as a work camp, the city was devastated by the 1964 earthquake but quickly rebounded as the industry headquarters for the oil boom
Real locals might be opinionated as hell, but they’re also twice as warm, so come visit, and see a global capital that’s local enough to love
Think of any song involving a pickup truck, a bottle of booze, a no-good woman, or a late lamented hound dog, and chances are it came from xxxx
Clearly, xxxx has an image problem. While the city does waft a sort of bombed-out early East Berlin vibe, it’s this that fuel a raw urban energy you won’t find anywhere else
Lonely Planet says...City
Big hair, big egos and big guns, flashy TV-show millionaires. The reality is not unrelated. OK, while the hairstyles have been tamed, xxxx is still highly image-conscious
A lot of cities try to be hip, stylish. xxxx says screw that, and God bless her. Like a criminal-turned-musician, xxxx has a twinkle in the eye and a wisecrack on the lips
Grab your coat and a handful of glitter, and enter the land of fog and fabulousness. So long, inhibitions; hello, xxxx
xxxx has become so much more than a gateway to opportunity – it’s a city of triumph, a capital of exploration and experimentation, where one is truly free to be themselves
…notable for cutting-edge concepts like molecular gastronomy and burly bricks of sausage-stuffed deep-dish. Residents in the ‘city that works’ play pretty damn hard…
Yes, the city runs thick on superficiality, self-absorption and sunshine, but c’mon, isn’t that the point? Have fun. Reinvent. Shop. Hike. Surf. Party. xxxx is yours to grab
Often regarded like America’s dirty little secret, xxxx is a bastion of naughty, hangover-inducing weekends for people from all walks of life
Kayakers bobble past, waving at friends on the beach. A chattery hubbub bounces off the gleaming glass towers that forest the city like latter-day totems
xxxx is a pretty city covered with trees and elegant homes. Distinct neighbourhoods are like friendly small towns. Racial tensions are minimal in ‘The City Too Busy To Hate’
northernmost Caribbean city. Precious architecture stands by careening overloaded junk trucks, sumptuous delicacies tickle palates while offal in the streets offends the eyes
isolation and self-sufficiency have allowed it to evolve into an honest city that can handle being the butt of the Simpsons gag, ‘That’s it! We’re all going back to xxxx!’
xxxx has such a colourful past for such a fogyish city. Mark Twain said he wanted to be here when the world ends, as the city is always 20 years behind the times
A fact not mentioned in the tourist brochures: before Ozzy Osbourne married Sharon and she started cooking for him, he bit the head off a bat here in 1982
There aren’t polar bear wandering the streets, you can’t hear belugas singing. The only truth about xxxx you’ve experienced is that you’ve already got six bug bites
Historically xxxx, the only de facto bilingual city on the continent, has been torn right in half, the ‘Main’ being the dividing line between Francophones and Anglos

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