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Can you name the countries of the Americas by their Lonely Planet description?

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Lonely Planet says...Country
Rolling hills grow to form volcanic mountains and reach to the sky. The iconic Pitons rise from the waves to the clouds like pyramids of volcanic stone
Many are surprised to find not some grey communist dystopia,but a wildly exuberant place where taxi drivers quote Hemingway. Even hardened cynics are ensnared by the intrigue
The two-island nation combines beaches with the beauty of the mountains, plenty of activities to engage your body and some rich history to engage your mind
Like its neighbors, xxxx is experiencing tremendous changes: an expanding tourist economy (cruise ships in Roatán?!),a maturing political scene, the whole globalization thing
Smoking Volcán Concepción and her almost perfect cinder cone rise from the silvery, pure lago to pierce the cloudy sky. 'Land of Lakes and Volcanoes' indeed...
xxxx is a magical place. If you’re into the Maya, the mountains, the markets or a million other things, you’re bound to be captivated. xxxx's Maya heritage is everywhere
Sighs alternate with gawps at the white-dipped mountains, mist-cloaked seascapes and epic roadways. With more festivals than you can swing a moose at, you’ll forget it’s cold
more than beach resorts, this is one of the Caribbean’s most diverse countries, from stunning mountain scenery to desert scrublands, with an evocative colonial architecture
xxxx was the major nexus in the New World for the barbaric triangular trade that brought slaves from Africa and carried sugar and rum to Europe
You’ve heard that the xxxx Barrier Reef is the second longest in the world. This alluring underwater world is undoubtedly the top attraction in xxxx
xxxx is sometimes referred to as the Switzerland of Central America because of its comfortable lifestyle, peaceful democracy and overwhelming natural beauty.
The pair couldn’t be more different. While the first looks like something nasty under a microscope, the latter is just a smooth, sandy low-rise amidst the reef-filled waters
Others have tango or carnival,xxxx’s international reputation swirls around oil,the brash political style of the president and occasional international beauty pageant winners
Simply superlative – xxxx is the hemisphere’s highest, most isolated and rugged nation. It’s among the earth’s coldest, warmest, windiest, saltiest and steamiest spots
straddling temperate and tropical zones, reaching 5km into the sky and stretching 10,000km along its coasts,a city of 19 million at its centre and countless tiny pueblos
As both failed state and media whipping boy, xxxx has long played the dark shadow to the bright sunlight of the rest of the Caribbean
...ready-made for exploration. Just ask Christopher Columbus, he bumped against these limestone landscapes in 1492 and changed the course of history...
Although the ‘gringo trail’ has already swung south to the Bocas del Toro archipelago, the careless overdevelopment plaguing most Costa Rican beaches is refreshingly absent
Lonely Planet says...Country
Spindly xxxx stretches 4300km from the driest desert to massive glacial fields. Filling up the in-between are volcanoes, geysers, beaches, lakes, steppe and countless islands
a place where horses and carts pull up by Mercedes Benz cars, artisans’ workshops abut glitzy shopping centers and rural Jesuit ruins lie next to sophisticated colonial towns
Enormous and staggeringly diverse, xxxx harbours an astounding collection of natural and cultural wonders, from teeming city streets to mountains, plains and forests
Described by its own tourism association as ‘Conradian’ and ‘raw,’xxxx is a densely forested country with a dark reputation of political instability and interethnic tension
Imagine scenery on the epic scale of an Indiana Jones or Lara Croft flick: forgotten temples entangled in jungle vines, cobwebbed ancient tombs baking in the desert sun
xxxx is for those who prefer hiking boots over high heels, and is also the home to about 2200 Caribs, the only pre-Columbian population remaining in the eastern Caribbean
Start free associating on the word ‘xxxx', and it’s quickly apparent why the country has long held travellers in awe: tango, beef, gauchos, fútbol...
Xxxx was a best-kept secret, with a handful of Argentines and Brazilians popping in to enjoy the pristine beaches, atmospheric cities, huge steaks and happening nightlife
All the comforts of home are close at hand if you want them as xxxx is one of the most developed islands in the region. The literacy rate approaches 98%...
One of the world’s most captivating places, xxxx is America’s giant,a dazzling country of powdery white-sand beaches,pristine rain forests and wild,rhythm-filled metropolises
smiling descendants of escaped African slaves, Dutch and British colonialists, Indian, Indonesian and Chinese labourers and Amerindians offer a welcome to their tiny country
...the island-hopping opportunities are irresistible. These islands were once the realm of real pirates but now they are the stomping grounds of the Pirates of the Caribbean
Isn’t that the place that the US invaded in the ‘80s? Didn’t it get munched by a hurricane? xxxx is used to bad press. But like a fighter on the ropes, it’s come out swingi
An East Indian couple serves pungent curried doubles at lightning speed, fishermen plunk their catch on splintering docks, oil-industry businessmen walk the crumbling streets
xxxx’s back. After decades of civil conflict, xxxx is now safe to visit and travellers are discovering what they’ve been missing.The diversity of the country may astonish you
Picturesque colonial centers, Kichwa villages, Amazonian rainforest and the breathtaking heights of the Andes – xxxx may be small, but it has a dazzling array of wonders
Travellers tend to skip xxxx, wooed by marquee destinations such as Costa Rica, and unnerved by stories of civil war and gang violence. But the war ended almost 20 years ago

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