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Can you name the Central American/Caribbean cities by their Lonely Planet descriptions?

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Lonely Planet says...City
Don Facundo Bacardí based his first ever rum factory here and just about every local music genre from salsa to son first emanated from these dusty and sensuous streets
Often described as a malevolent maelstrom of unbreathable air and rampant crime, the city nevertheless impresses visitors as a wonderfully weird and welcoming world
Who needs Red Bull when there’s downtown xxxx? This cacophonous blur of bouncing jitneys, hustling cabbies, trash-talking pirates and elbow-knocking shoppers…
Its reputation preceding it like a police siren, xxxx deters most visitors. The crime, crowds and shantytowns are just too volatile to mix into the average vacationer’s dream
…abysmal architectural preservation and unregulated development transformed the elegant capital into a sprawling and unsightly metropolis. Chepe, as it’s called by locals…
numero uno in per capita income, you may never have heard of it, but ‘La Sultana del Norte’ is bold enough to have made a bid for the 2016 Olympic Games
Simply put, the country’s most notorious city is a sprawling slum of decaying colonial grandeur and desperate human existence
Churches are made of stone, and a towering fort overlooks the town. European in feel and Caribbean in its look, the inner harbour is one of the most aesthetic in the region
birthplace of United Fruit, cruise ships do deposit passengers between October and May; we can only hope that they weren’t expecting to spot a quetzal
the ‘Old City’ juxtaposes historical authenticity with pulsating modern energy in a grid of streets that was inaugurated almost a century before the Mayflower laid anchor
xxxx’s many contributions to the local lifestyle include tequila, mariachi music, the broad-rimmed sombrero, charreadas (rodeos) and a hat dance
xxxx has a bad reputation that, sure, it partly deserves. Bars, brothels and strip clubs are brazenly frequented, and prescription meds and drugs loudly advertised
xxxx has been all but obliviated by the earthquake of January 2010. Other than relief and aid efforts, travel should be avoided until the city has had a chance to recover
While spring-breakers descend on xxxx each year for ritualized raucousness, most never make it off Gloucester Ave, which has attained the wince-inducing title of ‘hip strip’
Chinese eateries popping up in xxxx might seem odd, but more Chinese are setting up shop here and it’s common to see Chinese signs on otherwise classically Caribbean streets
Lonely Planet says...City
With stunning yellow beaches and a 24-hour nightlife, it was dubbed the ‘Pearl of the Pacific.’ During its heyday, xxxx was the playground for the rich and famous
xxxx sports a sultry skyline of shimmering glass and steel towers. Not surprisingly, residents often joke it is the ‘Miami of the south,’ except that more English is spoken
During the French colonial era it was the richest city in the Caribbean, and even if that grandeur has long since faded, the city still maintains a relaxed and parochial atmosphere
It’s Carnival in xxxx. Soca music throbs in the streets, and a woman furrows her brow, shaking and gyrating as the beads on her bikini seem close to flying off
A bastion of conservatism,Catholicism and tradition, xxxx can feel as if the colonial era never quite ended and leads to the stereotype of the locals being snobbish and aloof
this sultry and seismic Daughter of War and City of Peace is beloved with a proud ferocity by its residents, and its volcanic skyline have inspired a library's worth of poems
xxxx is the island’s only city and is situated on its only natural harbour. Many enjoy taking a respite at one of the cafés along the south banks of the Constitution River
the largest urban agglomeration in Central America, spreads across a flattened mountain range and deep ravines. Let’s just say that there are more beautiful places on earth
Crime in xxxx looms large. Travellers may see headlines of gang violence, meet survivors of the war or bump into the rifleman guarding the neighbourhood ice-cream parlour
where the sounds of life, domino pieces slapped on tables, backfiring mufflers and horns from chaotic traffic, merengue and bachata blasting from colmados, are most intense
Where else do you find vintage American cars running off Russian Lada engines, ration shops juxtaposed against gleaming colonial palaces, and revolutionary sloganeering
xxxx just isn’t afraid. It’s unabashed and unapologetic so send in the Maya dancers, swashbuckling pirates and beer-chugging Spring Breakers. xxxx can take it. But can you?
the country’s only major urban area. ‘Dodgy’ is the word many travellers use to describe xxxx, and even those who admire its raffish charms admit it is anything but relaxed
Nicknamed 'the Great Sultan, ' in honor of its Moorish namesake across the Atlantic, xxxx was founded in 1524, and is the oldest city in the New World
It’s no Shangri-la, with traffic, smog and crime, not to mention crazy taxi drivers. mention to anyone you’re going to la capital and you’re sure to be warned against it

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