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Can you name the answers to these questions about the Baltic States?

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Which country...Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania?
Has the largest city
Does not border Belarus
Was the first to declare independence in the 1990's
Has not won the Eurovision Song Contest
Has the busiest airport
Is mainly Roman Catholic
Has the largest Jewish population
Has won the most medals at the Olympics (Winter and Summer combined)
Was the first to adopt the Euro
Has the highest percentage of ethnic Russians
Which country...Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania?
Does not have an Indo-European language as its main language
Is the hub of Air Baltic
Has the most cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants
Has the largest island
Has the closest capital to Moscow, Russia
Has the closest capital to London, UK
Was ranked the highest on the Press Freedom Index 2010 by Reporters Without Borders
Has the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites
Has the highest GDP per capita
Does not have a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage

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