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Can you name the African cities from their Lonely Planet descriptions?

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Lonely Planet says...City
Kingsway, the city’s main thoroughfare, was paved for the 1947 visit by the British royal family, and for many years remained the country’s only nondirt road
...infested with shabby shantytowns and myriad opportunist con merchants masquerading as street salesmen, this polluted megalopolis couldn’t be called pretty by anyone.
the city created the world's first university, centuries before Oxford and Cambridge were a twinkle in anyone's eye. Green - the colour of Islam - is also the colour of xxxx
****’s diminutive capital, xxxx is little more than a rambling village suffering from growing pains, drabness and a lack of definition.
it still often feels more like a village than a city with mud houses remaining the norm and farmers working the banks of the Chari River...
Hot, heaving, oil rich and cash poor, xxxx is perched tantalisingly on the Atlantic coastline overlooking a narrow pine-fringed sandbar known colloquially as the Ilha
Dive into markets, peruse the museum, take a pirogue along the river or simply enjoy a sunset riverside drink as silhouettes of loping, laden camels cross Kennedy Bridge.
No guns. No roadblocks. No fear. No oppression. Relax: xxxx is not Mogadishu, but it is an energising city with lots of good vibes
...the air is heavy with romanticised Arabia. Unfortunately, the place is quite dirty and the odour emitting from these quaint streets can be rather disillusioning...
It could just be that the name rolls off the tongue in a wonderfully rhythmical African way, but the capital of the world’s third-poorest country is surprisingly upbeat
Known to its nearly 20 million residents as Um ad-Dunya (Mother of the World), modern xxxx is a hotchpotch of recent growth barely superimposed on a dense bed of history.
a small, attractive city, it was quite badly trashed during the civil war in 1994, but following a long rehabilitation, one gets the sense that xxxx is a city looking ahead
xxxx exudes a distinctive Mediterranean charm infused with a decidedly Arabic-Islamic flavour. Its rich mosaic of historical influences will leave few travellers disappointed
...the name is so exotic it just rumbas off the tongue. A short way out of the city are some of Africa’s best inland beaches. White sand, turquoise waters and beachside bars.
Good-looking, fun-loving, sporty and sociable...xxxx occupies one of the world's most stunning locations, with an iconic mountain slap-bang in her centre
Lonely Planet says...City
Central Highlands are dominated by its small, German-influenced capital. Set among low hills at an elevation of 1660m, the capital city enjoys dry, clean air...
xxxx was once a city that claimed to be the Paris of West Africa, and it’s easy to see how attractive it was in its heyday. There is still real charm to its broad boulevards
xxxx is chaos theory made flesh and concrete. It’s the largest city in Africa, with wall-to-wall people, bumper-to-bumper cars, noise and pollution beyond belief
xxxx won’t win any prizes for urban planning. Hastily constructed in 1960, at independence, this discombobulating city sprawls 5km inland from the coast.
sprawled across a narrow peninsula between the Mesurado River and the sea, has suffered badly during the past two decades. But if you can overlook the bullet-scarred shells..
It’s hard to imagine a more unlikely, more consistently ignored capital city than the tiny port of xxxx. Yet despite the shadow of neglect that haunts its sand-blown streets,
that most rhythmical of African names, has for centuries been synonymous with mysterious inaccessibility...the name we all knew as kids, but never really knew where it was
...elderly men dressed in kanzu and kofia playing bao and chatting. Ancient Persia mixes with the old Omani sultanate and India’s Goan coast. Mainland life seems far away...
Built where the two Niles meet, xxxx is one of the more modern cities in Central Africa. Some travellers consider it nothing but a dusty, congested and joyless stopover...
Once you get the hang of leve-leve, you’ll delight in this mellow capital town of fading pastel colonial buildings along the seashore. xxxx town has charm...
Like the country's marathon runners, xxxx, which means ‘New Flower’, is evolving at a fast pace. Founded little more than a century ago...
‘la blanche’, the white one, is what the French called it. A big, bustling, whitewashed city, with the Mediterranean out front, xxxx is an exciting destination
Founded in 1880 by the Malebo Pool, xxxx was named after a Franco-Italian explorer who charmed the local natives into placing their kingdom under the protection of the French
Pavement cafés with vintage Italian coffee machines, cheery pizza parlours, tantalising pastry’ll feel like you’ve been transported to a southern Italian town
the little Dubai on the Red Sea...this boisterous, sweltering cocktail of African, Arab and European influences is simply mind-boggling...
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