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Can you name the Snobbiest Cities in the US, according to Travel + Leisure magazine

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RankCityTravel & Leisure's Reasoning
1Is it really snobby if you’re on top of your game and you know it?
2Won survey spot yet again for being good-looking, and ranked near the top for their velvet-rope-transcending style.
3There are those who walk the red carpet, and those who try to get close to it.
4For power-broker-watching, head to the leafy, townhouse-filled Georgetown neighborhood.
5In this elite university town, anyone can browse the aisles at Schoenhof’s Foreign Books in Cambridge.
6Every sophisticated city needs a SoHo, and here, it’s South of Howard. The upscale Southside delivers good people-watching and dolphin-watching.
7This is a city where right-of-way is determined by blue-book value, and the stereotypically well-coiffed locals struck readers as the opposite of quirky.
8Locals possess an intimidating combination of traits: hip, brainy, and perhaps a bit persnickety.
9How did down-to-earth Utah end up in the top 10 for being snobbish? Perhaps because any city can ramp up its elegance when it wants to
10Why bother driving to a whole other state (even if it’s a pretty short trip) when you can find everything you need at home?
RankCityTravel & Leisure's Reasoning
11Readers gave highest marks for the indulgent, high-falutin’ meal of brunch.
12Perhaps readers were just wowed by the City of Fountains’ top-notch museums, the posh shopping around Country Club Plaza, and that certain midwestern reserve.
13To indulge another form of local snobbery—the fact that most locals want nothing to do with the Strip—head to the bars of Fremont East
14As you wander King Street—lined with upscale boutiques and antiques shops—you might feel as if you should dress a little better, or perhaps just invest in an antique fainting couch.
15Likely made the top 20 thanks to its rep for tan denizens with confident golf swings.
16Flip-flops and board shorts are acceptable attire in most parts of this city. But one exception to the casual rule is the Old Hollywood–loving, jacket-required Turf Club.
17Also earned an air of superiority for its top-ranked, deep-dish pizza.
18Oil-tycoon types have a history of investing their money in blue-chip ventures.
19Techy, brainy northwesterners embrace their own form of exceptionalism when it comes to local specialties.
20A turnstile doesn’t exude as much grandeur as a velvet rope, but this theme-park destination made the snobby top 20 anyway.

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