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Where in Australia did Hurley go to try to find Leonard Simms?Geography
'Latrodectus regina' is the scientific name for what island species?Science
Charlie received gifts on two separate Christmases during the show. What were they?Holiday
Besides English, Naomi spoke three languages after being found by Desmond. Name one.Language
Who was President in 1977?History
What professional sports team did Sawyer suggest he and Juliet bet on in order to make money?Sports
Ethan Rom was wearing a sweatshirt from what Big10 University when he encounted Nikki and Paulo?Miscellaneous
While on the island, Sayid is shown praying towards Mecca only once. Where does this happen?Religion
What is the missing word in the Apollo bar advertising tagline
'Full O' _____'?
Just For Fun
What song was programmed into the Looking Glass Station code, jamming all communications from the island?Music
Who brought the comic book that Walt was 'reading'?Entertainment
What was the title of the book being written by Flight 815 passenger Gary Troup?Literature
'Australia is the key to the whole game.' was said by Hurley while playing what?Gaming
What was the name of the TV show that Nikki was in?Television
From whose movie set did Sawyer claim Frank Lapidus looked like he had stepped off?Movies

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