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Sigourney Weaver can't be heard screaming in space (A)
Christian Bale needs to rescue gotham (B)
Tom Hanks is stranded on an island (C)
Denzel Washington has some time issues (D)
Johnny Depp has paper cutting hands (E)
Robbin Williams has a new green toy (F)
Bill Murray takes on ghosts (G)
Daniel Radcliffe learns magic (H)
Harrison Ford is a Adventurous Archaeologist (I)
Sam Neill battles with dinosaurs (J)
Arnold Schwarzenegger goes undercover as a teacher (K)
Elijah Wood is on a quest to return Jewelry (L)
Keanu Reeves can dodge bullets (M)
Ben Stiller wrestles with history (N)
George Clooney cleans out the Vegas strip (O)
Keira Knightley is swanning around the west indies (P)
Daniel Craig likes his martinis shaken not stirred (Q)
Sean William Scott sets a bad example (R)
Tim Robbins is wrongly imprisoned (S)
Brad Pitt has only one Achilles heel (T)
Bruce Willis' opposite is Samuel l Jackson (U)
Natalie Portman plots with Guy Fawkes wannabe (V)
James McAvoy can't shoot straight (W)
Vin diesel keeps terrorist in Czech (X)
Jim Carrey is an optimist (Y)
Michael Caine finds himself defending a British colony (Z)

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