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Can you name the daughters of English, Scottish, and British monarchs who later went on to become a queen or empress consort?

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Malcolm IIIHenry I of England
Henry IHenry V, Holy Roman Emperor
Henry IIAlfonso VII of Castile
Henry IIWilliam II of Sicily
John of EnglandAlexander II of Scotland
John of EnglandFrederick II, Holy Roman Emperor
Henry IIIAlexander III of Scotland
Alexander IIIEric II of Norway
Edward IIDavid II of Scotland
Henry IVEric III of Norway
Edward IVHenry VII of England
Henry VIIJames IV of Scotland
Henry VIILouis XII of France
Henry VIIIPhilip II of Spain
James VFrancis II of France
James VI & IFrederick I of Bohemia
George IFrederick William I of Prussia
George IIFrederick V of Denmark
George IIIFrederick I of W├╝rttemberg
VictoriaFrederick III, German Emperor
Edward VIIHaakon VII of Norway

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