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Can you name the Spanish Reflexive and Irregular Verbs?

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to get angry (there are two--put in alphabetical order)
to get happy
to ignite
to smile (for accents, put two of the accented vowel in a row)
to ask for
to obtain
to cost
to get tired
to serve
to defend
to send
to guide
to be about
to count
to wrap
to get dressed
to tremble
to get sad
to measure
to comb
to convert
to laugh (for accents, put two of the accented vowel in a row)
to fly
to influence
to seat
to be able to
to deny
to get bored
to put to bed
to act
to catch a cold
to sit down
to get scared
to pain
to snow
to enclose
to demonstrate
to return (an item)
to repeat
to dare to
to hurry
to feel........
to be in a habit of
to say goodbye to
to get married
to build
to follow
to shower
to recommend
to prepare oneself
to remember (there are two--put in alphabetical order)
to return (go back)
to beg
to confess
to vary
to prefer
to graduate
to ring
to ski
to try on
to go to sleep
to complain
to dress
to get dressed
to include
to forget
to show
to conclude
to trust
to close
to shave
to take off
to brush
to destroy
to sleep
to get up
to laugh at (for accents, put two of the accented vowel in a row)
to contribute
to warn
to want
to become
to find oneself
to have fun
to amuse
to wash
to start (there are two--put in alphabetical order)
to try or taste
to repent
to make fun of
to fire
to play
to eat lunch
to catch a cold
to cross
to put on lipstick
to dream (for a tilde, write 'ny' instead of 'n')
to understand
to rain
to lose
to continue
to get wet
to replace
to die
to lie
to awaken
to resolve
to think
to look like
to refuse to
to distribute
to put on makeup
to put on
to faint
to be sorry
to wake up
to eat breakfast
to go to bed
to bathe (for a tilde write 'ny' instead of 'n')
to find

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