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Can you name the Kings of the Yngling Saga?

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Forced Order
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Drowned in Frodi's beer
Disappeared in a dwarf's stone
Drifa sent Huld to fetch him
Refused bride price, got cursed gold necklace
Killed as sacrifice to stop famine
Not interesting
Not interesting
Could understand birds, killed by pitchfork to the face
Hung from cursed gold necklace
One of two brothers, killed each other with horse bridles
The other brother
Mighty warrior son of Alrekr
Hermit son of Alrekr
Wealthy son of Alfr
Son of Yngvi, killed in battle with Haki
Son of Yngvi, hung by own people in Denmark
Keeps sacrificing his children to live longer
Fights with slave Tunni, killed by a runaway bull
Damaged relationship with Danish king Frodi
Flung off horse, breaks skull
Killed by viking invader Solvi
Died raiding Estonia
Avenged his father by Plundering Estonia
Cruel unifier of much of Sweden
Flees to rule Vermaland
Kidnapped by Sviar to be ruler of the West
Killed by a magic wind summoned by King Skoldr
Known to horde food
Stabbed by page of second wife, Asa
Died of pain in his leg
Nothing interesting
Namesake of Saga following the Yngling Saga

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