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Can you name the the Criterion Collection releases with spine numbers 701-800?

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1966Ingmar Bergman
2013Paolo Sorrentino
1925Sam Taylor and Fred Newmeyer
1954Don Siegel
1996Lars von Trier
1925Carl Th. Dreyer
1962Dino Risi
2012Abbas Kiarostami
1948Howard Hawks
1963Georges Franju
1964Richard Lester
1981David Cronenberg
1961Jacques Demy
1963Jacques Demy
1964Jacques Demy
1967Jacques Demy
1970Jacques Demy
1982Jacques Demy
1983Lawrence Kasdan
1984John Cassavetes
1990Pedro Almodovar
2001Alfonso Cuaron
1979Bob Fosse
1977David Lynch
1971Roman Polanski
1961Jack Clayton
1962Serge Bourguignon
1949Jacques Tati
1974Jacques Tati
1946John Ford
1960Federico Fellini
1966Monte Hellman
1966Monte Hellman
1934Frank Capra
1968Les Blank
1968Les Blank
1971Les Blank
1971Les Blank
1973Les Blank
1973Les Blank
1978Les Blank
1980Les Blank
1983Les Blank
1984Les Blank
1987Les Blank
1990Les Blank
1994Les Blank
1995Les Blank
1982Sydney Pollack
1972Rainer Werner Fassbinder
2007Guy Maddin
1942Preston Sturges
2001Lucrecia Martel
1980Jean-Luc Godard
1973Nicolas Roeg
1936Jean Renoir
1969Federico Fellini
1978Martin Rosen
1964Francois Truffaut
1947Robert Montgomery
1978Errol Morris
1981Errol Morris
1988Errol Morris
1947Carol Reed
1949Jean-Pierre Melville
1952Charles Chaplin
1979Mark Rydell
1971Rainer Werner Fassbinder
1970Jaromil Jires
2014Jonothan Demme
1959Bernhard Wicki
1991Terry Gilliam
1979Carroll Ballard
1966Jan Troell
1985Stephen Frears
1981Karel Reisz
1973Francois Truffaut
1980Brian De Palma
2014Jean-Pierre Dardenne and Luc Dardenne
1981Krzysztof Kieslowski
1980Bruce Beresford
1990Bruce Beresford
1986James Ivory
2012Wes Anderson
1979David Cronenberg
1977Ettore Scola
2001David Lynch
2000Michael Haneke
1967Richard Brooks
1955Satyajit Ray
1956Satyajit Ray
1959Satyajit Ray
1967D.A. Pennebaker
2013Takashi Murakami
1928Ted Wilde
1983Howard Brookner
1973Toshiya Fujita
1974Toshiya Fujita
1949Giuseppe De Santis
1977Wim Wenders
2013Joel Coen and Ethan Coen
1946Charles Vidor
1971Jan Troell
1972Jan Troell
1968Nagisa Oshima
1921Charles Chaplin
1967Mike Nichols

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