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Can you name the Criterion Collection releases with spine numbers 501-600?

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1984Wim Wenders
2008Gotz Spielmann
1955Max Ophuls
2008Steve McQueen
1937Leo McCarey
1969Marco Ferreri
1956Nicholas Ray
1997Pedro Costa
2000Pedro Costa
2006Pedro Costa
1962Jean-Luc Godard
2008Olivier Assayas
1999Ang Lee
1960Sidney Lumet
1939John Ford
 Stan Brakhage
1990Abbas Kiarostami
2008Jan Troell
1989Jim Jarmusch
1964Michelangelo Antonioni
1940Carol Reed
1936Yasujiro Ozu
1942Yasujiro Ozu
2007Abdellatif Kechiche
1927Josef von Sternberg
1928Josef von Sternberg
1928Josef von Sternberg
1985Terry Zwigoff
1995Terry Zwigoff
1968Maurice Pialat
1983Nagisa Oshima
1998Terrence Malick
1958Ingmar Bergman
1957Stanley Kubrick
1977Nobuhiko Obayashi
2007Wes Anderson
1955Charles Laughton
2009Lars von trier
1936Charlie Chaplin
1968Bob Rafelson
1969Dennis Hopper
1970Bob Rafelson
1970Jack Nicholson
1971Henry Jaglom
1971Peter Bogdanovich
1972Bob Rafelson
1993Guillermo del Toro
1987James L. Brooks
2009Andrea Arnold
2008Hirokazu Kore-eda
1957Alexander Mackendrick
1954Luchino Visconti
1984Robert Epstein
1999Mike Leigh
1939Victor Schertzinger
2009Claire Denis
1970Ken Loach
1981Brian De Palma
1986Jonathan Demme
1964Masahiro Shinoda
1940Charles Chaplin
1985Nicolas Roeg
1983Kon Ichikawa
1955Robert Aldrich
1930Robert Siodmak and Edgar G. Ulmer
1960Louis Malle
1975Louis Malle
1961Jean-Pierre Melville
1958Satyajit Ray
2010Todd Solondz
1956Stanley Kubrick
2007Lee Chang-dong
1966Roman Polanski
1930Jean Vigo and Boris Kaufman
1933Jean Vigo
1934Jean Vigo
1921Victor Sjostrom
1958Claude Chabrol
1959Claude Chabrol
2010Olivier Assayas
1939Zoltan Korda
1968Kaneto Shindo
1982Michelangelo Antonioni
1932Erle C. Kenton
1993Krzysztof Kieslowski
1994Krzysztof Kieslowski
1994Krzysztof Kieslowski
1957Sidney Lumet
1933Ernst Lubitsch
1967Luis Bunuel
1954Ishiro Honda
1965Francesco Rosi
1964Hideo Gosha
2010Lena Dunham
1973Rainer Werner Fassbinder
1994Louis Malle
1959Otto Preminger

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