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DescriptionSong TitleArtist
A band plays a song while dressed as bands from different periods in rock music history
A computer nerd daydreams about being the singer of this song's lover
This British band's frontman lives a day backwards, ending (or beginning) with a car crash
This song's singer attempts to get revenge on her Swedish boyfriend after falling off of a building
A girl flirts with multiple guys in the same day in an arcade
This animated video features the rapper talking about his girlfriend. The Jetsons have a surprise cameo.
The geeky neighbor of the head cheerleader's boyfriend tries to show him that he should be with her. They hold up paper with messages on them at each other through windows to commu
The band parodies many popular Youtube videos
Three nearly-identical women dance around in a white room. Supposedly 'One of the best videos of all time!'
A band performs in a high-school gym as the crowd gets increasingly excited
DescriptionSong TitleArtist
This video is a parody of an old Mentos commercial.
This video shows the band performing in Antarctica. The video is meant to get support for global warming.
After watching a horror film, the singer of this song becomes a monster, and performs a now iconic dance routine. One of the best videos of all time, no matter what Kanye says.
A runaway groom is being chased down by the singer of this song
The singer for the nu-metal band performing this song attempts to live anormal life despite his apocalyptic surroundings and riots.
This rock version of a popular Michael Jackson song features a video with parodies of Michael Jackson videos.
The band performs this song on a child's playset of a miniature world in which many contaversial issues are represented
A trio plays a fruity song in a field and fight ninjas.
A woman enters a comic book and falls in love with the comic's main character

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