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What is the name of Homer's grunge band?
Name one of Homer's grunge band's songs
What was the name of the romantic getaway the Simspons go to thrice, always on July 4th?
What was the object Mr. Burns needed to get the power plant back from the rich Texan?
What animal trapped Lisa & Mr. Burns in the attic of Mr. Burns' mansion?
Where do the Simpsons run away to in The Simpsons Movie?
What is Mrs. Wiggum's first name?
What does the Irish judge resemble when Homer & Abe buy a pub in Ireland?
What is the name of Bart's award-winning calf?
What nationality is Sideshow Bob's wife & kid?
What convention does Moe go to in Vermont?
What does Otto eat in the new version of the Simpsons opening theme?
Where was Maude killed?
Who is the girl Bart meets in North Haverbrook?
What is Ogdenville's main export?
What does Marge use to create statues of Springfieldians?
Who is the traffic guy for Channel 6 News?
What is Bart's jazz nickname?
What about Lisa's?
What are the names of the purple-haired twins?
How many different words are used in the Itchy and Scratchy theme song?
Who do Bart and Lisa think they kill?
What is Matt Groening's home state?
What is Homer's mom's first name?
When Homer became a hippie, what did he wear everywhere he went?
What hybrid crop did Homer accidentally make?
What is Homer's Japanese counterpart?
Last one; Who gives Homer open heart surgery, and what does he drop in Homer?

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