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Who sings the chorus in Jason DeRulo's 'Watcha Say?'
Which 'supergroup' is made up of Dave Grohl, Josh Homme, and John Paul Jones?
Which band sings 'Funky Monks,' 'Throw Away Your Television,' and 'Death of a Martian?'
Which Weezer member is missing? Rivers Cuomo, Brian Bell, Pat Wilson, and...
Which band produced the albums 'One by One' and 'In Your Honor?'
Which country is Lacuna Coil from?
Which band from Little Rock, Arkansas is led by singer Amy Lee?
Who rap the verses other than Drake in Drake's 'Forever?' (no 'and' needed, and please name in order of which they appear))
Whos the firey-haired singer for Paramore?
Which Which Coldplay song's video involves Chris Martin walking backwards and a car crash?
What was the first song played on MTV?
Lemmy plays in what metal band?
What is the name of Fergie's album that contains the song 'London Bridge?'
SOAD stand for...
Who is the singer for the band mentioned above?
Who did Kanye interrupt at the 2009 VMA's?
Who produced Chris Cornell's album 'Scream?'
'Dead on Arrival' is sung by what band?
What religion is Jay Sean?
Jared Leto leads the band....

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