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Forced Order
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And you feel like it's all over; There's another round for you
Oh no don't talk about it; No please don't talk about it
Were you born to resist or be abused?
Heart of gold but it lost its pride; beautiful veins and bloodshot eyes
And I wonder, When I sing along with you
I'm looking for a complication; looking cause i'm tired of trying
Truth or consequence, say it aloud
No, I can not forgive you yet
Make me warm or take me home; It's so cold in here
It's impossible; I can't let it out; You'll never know; Am I selling you out?
Hey, don't let it go to waste; I love it but, I hate that taste
If we can get around it; I'll know it's true
The truth ain't gonna change the way you lie
Day after day, cutting away; Day after day, but anyway
One in ten (X3); Don't wanna be your... (name of song)
Well look who's going crazy now; We're face to face my friend
I... am a one way motorway; I'm the one that drives away and follows you back home
These are my famous last words

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