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Forced Order
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Saw clues on board in FBI office; Protagonist of the show
Doctor and Wife of Protagonist who saw herself having an affair in her FlashForward
Has an autistic son
Attempted suicide before blackout
Head of L.A. FBI HQ
Was pregnant in FlashForward even though is is Lesbian
Didn't have FlashForward
Had a FlashForward of daughter who was killed in Afghanistan
Babysitter of Protagonist's Daughter
Daughter of protagonist & wife
Autistic boy who enjoys magic tricks
Wife of man who saw dead daughter
'Dead' daughter 'killed' in Afghanistan
Nervous bakery owner; Arguing with Credit Card company on phone in FlashForward
Sheriff of Pidgeon, Utah who was killed in doll factory
Imprisoned Nazi who tells prtagonist about crows dying after the blackout
Airport worker who sees Nazi in FlashForward
Lesbian woman's girlfriend
Goes from Caucasian to African-American in FlashForward
Mysterious man who calls autistic boy's father; Was choking a man in FlashForward
Senator running hearings about Blackout
Fiance of Mark's #1 guy
Army comrade of girl kiled in Afghanistan
Woman with twins sons supposed to die by April 29th, 2010

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