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AA convergent plate boundary off the coast of Chile created this mountain range
BThis gulf seperates the southern parts of Sweden and Finland.
CThis is a point of South Africa where early explorers would start sailing more eastward than southward.
DHispaniola consists of two countries:Haiti and _____
EThis strip of water between Great Britain and Mainland Europe is a place some people try to swim across.
FThis region consists of Japan, China, North and South Korea, and Taiwan.
GThis is the deepest lake in Canada
HThis part of Africa has the countries of Somalia and Ethiopia.
IThis peninsula consists mostly of Spain and Portugal
JThis island has the capital of Indonesia.
KThe second tallest mountain on Earth.
LThis island chain has the islands of Dominica, Grenada, and St Lucia.
MThis island is the largest island to be one independent nation.
NThis waterfall is in between New York, USA, and Ontario, Canada
OThis river creates the largest delta in Venezuela
PThis construction project connected the two largest oceans, and it was made in 1904-1914
QThis country will host the 2022 FIFA World Cup
RThis is the world's northernmost capital city
SThis island is what Italy appears to be kicking.
TThis country's capital is the world's third most visited city
UThis South American nation has 'Oriental' in it's long English name, even though not in the Orient.
VThis is the longest river in Europe.
WThis is a pacific island the United States got after the Spanish-American War
XThis city in China is the largest city in the world to begin with 'X'
YThis hurricane prone peninsula consists mostly of Mexico and Belize
ZThis river is home to Victoria Falls.

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