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Can you name the planet that corresponds with the fact given?

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The planet that was discovered last.
The terrestrial planet with a moon that is in the top 10 largest in the Solar System.
The planet with the largest ring system.
The planet with the highest temperatures.
The planet that was first observed by Galileo, but not considered to be discovered by him.
The planet with the Great Red Spot.
The planet that is the brightest in the night sky.
The planet that is colored by iron oxide in the soil.
The planet that is approximately 93,000,000 miles from the Sun.
The planet with the highest density.
The planet that crashed with Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9.
The planet that would float if placed in a large enough ocean.
The planet with moons not named for mythological characters.
The planet with the most eccentric orbit.
The planet with the largest mountain in the Solar System, Olympus Mons.
The planet whose gravity prevented the Asteroid Belt from grouping to become a planet.
The planet that takes approximately 88 days to revolve around the Sun.
The planet that is smaller than Titan but bigger than Triton.
The planet discovered by William Herschel.
The planet never visible to the naked eye.
The jovian planet with the lowest internal heat.
The planet that has moons, but the moons are not in the top 10 largest moons.
The planet farthest from the Sun that has been known since antiquity.
The largest planet to not have moons.

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