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Can you name the US states by their record?

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RecordStateOther info
First state to ratify the Constitution.
First New England state to enter the Union.
Last of the 13 colonies to enter the Union.
First state to ratify the constitution outside of the thirteen original colonies.
First state west of the Mississippi River.
First state to secede the Union.
First state to enter the union during the Civil War
First state admitted to the Union after the United States' centennial
Last state in the contiguous states to join the Union
First state visited by a European.
First state colonized by English settlers.
This state's capital city is the oldest capital city in the US
This was the last of the 13 colomnies to be founded
Only state to have its capital's name be the state followed by the word 'city'
State that has the most presidents born there.
State with most annual tornadoes.
State with the highest percentage of its border formed by water (Rivers, lakes, oceans, etc).
State with the highest population density.
State with the highest mountain
State with the deepest lake
State with the northernmost point of the contiguous states.
State closest to being the middle of North America
State closest to being the center of the 48 contiguous states.
State with the highest skyscraper
State with the least average rainfall
RecordStateOther info
Only state that touches 2 Great Lakes and the Atlantic Ocean.
Only state with a Great Lake of the same name.
State with most official State Songs
State with most Olympic host years
First state to host the Olympics
Most recent state to host the Olympics
State with the oldest US Mint
First state to have its 'America the Beautiful' commereative quarter released
Last state to have its 'America the Beautiful' quarter released.
State with the first battles of the American Revolution
State with the coldest point of the contiguous states.
Only state whose name begins with 2 vowels
State with the lowest population.
Only state whose name is named for a president
Has the most miles of river of any state.
Largest state in New England
State with the shortest coastline.
In the Civil War, this state's military suffered the highest percentage of casualties on any Confederate state.
This state is home to the largest known cave system in the world.
The deepest canyon in the US is on this state's western border.
This state has the oldest cathedral in the country, because the state was founded as a haven for catholics.
This state has the first pro baseball team; the Reds
This state had the nation's first kindergarten for German speaking kids, in an area heavily populated by German immigrants
The first long distance auto race was held in this state.
The in-progress Crazy Horse Memorial, in this state, will be the largest statue in the world when completed.

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