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AThis largest galaxy in our local galaxy cluster.
BThis is a type of galaxy that many scientists believe is the shape of our own Milky Way.
CThis is the remnants of a supernova that the Ancient Chinese observed in 1054 A.D.
DThis is the mysterious force that makes the Universe's rate of expansion accelerate.
EThis is the term given to a planet outside of our own Solar System.
FThe fuel for a star comes from nuclear _______ of hydrogen atoms.
GThis is the largest Galilean Moon, and the largest in our Solar System
HThis is the closest planetary nebula to Earth
IThis is the heaviest element able to be produced by stars. Supernovae are necessary to make heavier elements.
JThis is a magnificent star cluster in the constellation Crux.
KThis trans-Neptunian region contains Pluto, Haumea, and Makemake.
LSupernova 1987A, the first supernova visible to the naked eye in near 400 years, occurred in this irregular galaxy
MThe abundance of this substance in the atmosphere of Neptune give them a bluish hue.
NAt the end of a massive stars life, it will either become one of these or a black hole.
OThis easily distinguished constellation contains such objects as Betelgeuse and The Horsehead Nebula
PDeimos and this satellite are the 2 moons of Mars.
QThis trans-Neptunian object is a candidate for a dwarf planet.
REinstein's Theory of _______ revolutionized our understandings of the cosmos.
SThis Soviet probe was the first man-made object put in space.
TThis is the largest, and arguably the only notable, satellite of Neptune.
UThe satellites of this planet are the only moons in our Solar System not named for Mythological characters.
VThis is the largest star that has yet been discovered.
WAt the end of the Sun's life it will become one of these stars.
XWhen Eris was first discovered it was called this, after a character from television.
YWhen a star is this color, it signifies it is hotter than an orange star, but cooler than a white star.
ZThe constellations that lie on the ecliptic plane are called this.

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