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SentenceLiterary Term
The sun set in the southern sky.
The air was becoming cold as the sun was dissappearing in the red-orange sky.
Dolly the sheep walked across the field, her head hung low.
The animals on the farm stepped aside as she passed them.
When she reached the front of the barn, she began to speak.
Two days ago I was sitting next to my friend Humphrey.
Now he is no longer here.
Humphrey fell head over heels in love with a chicken named Dana.
He told me everytime he was around her, he sweat like a pig.
I wondered why he said that because he WAS a pig
SentenceLiterary Term
There was also a rooster named Ted who also liked Dana.
He was cocky and crowed obnoxiously.
The tension between the two was like a taut rope about to snap.
Neither one would step down and they were worst enemies.
Then one day Ted, who was a tad smaller than Humphrey, came at him and the two had a dual over Dana
After their fight I asked Humphrey, 'Did you really have to do that'?
Dana soon began to fall for Humphrey, but then in a blink of an eye the farmer came and took Humphrey away.
A day later we learned the sad truth- Humphrey was dead.
Earlier today we held a funeral in honor of him.
Humphrey was always kind, always compassionate, always friendly, and he did not deserve the death he died.

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