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Can you name the common medical prefixes and suffixes?

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RootRefers to...Words with root(s)
bronchi-e.g. bronchitis
exo-e.g. exocrine glands
cerebr(o)- or encephal(o)-e.g. cerebral palsy or encephalitis
nephr(o)- or ren(o)e.g. nephron or renal
leuc(o)- or leuk(o)-e.g. leukemia
brady-e.g. bradycardia
post-e.g. postoperation
dys-e.g. dyspnea
xen(o)-e.g. xenotransplantation
oo- or ov(o)-e.g. oogenesis or ovulation
pre-e.g. premature
-ectomye.g. appendectomy
vas(o)- or vascul(o)- or ven(o)e.g. vasodilation or vasculitis or superior vena cava
gastr(o)-e.g. gastroenteritis
endo-e.g. endocarditis
RootRefers to...Words with root(s)
aur(i)- or ot(o)-e.g. auriscope (also called otoscope)
hema(to)- or hemo- or sangui-e.g. hematosis or sanguine
-asee.g. amylase
adren(o)-e.g. adrenaline
cutane- or derm((at)o)-e.g. subcutaneous or dermatitis
cyt(o)- or -cytee.g. cytoplasm or leukocyte
pneum(ato)- or pulmo(n)-e.g. pneumonia or pulmonary embolism
adip(o)- or lip(o)-e.g. adipose tissue or liposuction
carcin(o)-e.g. carcinoma
cardi(o)-e.g. echocardiogram
tachy-e.g. tachypnea
arthr(o)-e.g. arthritis
-stasise.g. hemostatis
myring(o)- or tympan(o)-e.g. myringitis or tympanoplasty
melan(o)-e.g. melanin

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