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FCS Catalog #TitleArtist (Year)
1Robert Pollard (1999)
2Lexo and the Leapers (1999)
3Nightwalker (1999)
4Robert Pollard with Doug Gillard (1999)
5Guided By Voices (2000)
6Guided By Voices (2000)
7Guided By Voices (2000)
8Hazzard Hotrods (2000)
9Howling Wolf Orchestra (2000)
10Guided By Voices (2001)
11Airport 5 (2001)
12Airport 5 (2001)
13Airport 5 (2001)
14Robert Pollard and his Soft Rock Renegades (2001)
15Circus Devils (2001)
16Guided By Voices & Airport 5 (2001)
17Go Back Snowball (2002)
18Airport 5 (2002)
19Acid Ranch (2002)
20Guided By Voices (2002)
21Guided By Voices (2002)
22Guided By Voices (2002)
FCS Catalog #TitleArtist (Year)
23Guided By Voices (2002)
24Guided By Voices (2002)
25Circus Devils (2002)
26Robert Pollard (2003)
27Lifeguards (2003)
28Guided By Voices (2003)
29Circus Devils (2003/2004)
30Robert Pollard (2004)
31Robert Pollard (2005)
32Guided By Voices (2005)
33The Moping Swans (2005)
34Circus Devils (2005)
35Hazzard Hotrods (2005)
36Robert Pollard (2005)
37Guided By Voices (2005)
38Guided By Voices (2005)
39Robert Pollard (2006)
40The Takeovers (2006)
41Psycho and the Birds (2006)
42Keene Brothers (2006)
43Psycho and the Birds (2006)
44Various Artists (2007)

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