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RuleFill in the blank
You arrive late. You go to see which secretary?
You have # days absent +1 to do what kind of work?
Ill students go where?
You must do what before you leave or arrive late?
You must pass what group of tests to graduate?
These bags are not allowed in the hallways
This electronic device is absolutely not allowed during school hours
Vice Principal
You may go to your locker during a __ ___without needing a pass
Shorts/skirts/dresses must be
Shorts must be worn around the__ (boys)
Hall passes are found in the back of your ___
You are not to be in the___ during lunch
You are released into the school at what time in the morning?
Vending machines may be used before and after school and during ____
The eligibility GPA is
RuleFill in the blank
Everyone is invited to this formal dance sponsered by student council
During this week everyone dresses up in anticipation for the coming weekend game/dance
You must have a ___ ____ to leave the class room and it must be signed by a teacher
During this exciting time in the gym we will cheer on our atheletic teams to victory
An in-school suspension is also known as a
On the grading scale, this is the lowest grade you can get and still pass the class
Who is Dr. Powderly's Secretary?
This option allows you to take college courses in high school
GPA stands for
Jeans must not be excessively ___ (church word)
You may have one facial piercing in the___ (excluding ears)
Hair must be a ___ color and not distracting
Who deals with you when you do not meet eligibility requirements during your athletic season? (Coach and ___)
Our superintendent is
During spirit week each class decorates this piece of cork board
You have __ minutes between classes
You are on the first floor. All classroom numbers are in the (100s, 200s, 300s)

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