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ObjectiveName of the Game
Use your mouth to grab paper bags from the floor and place them on podiums
While blindfolded, grab two of four toy balls precariously stacked on cylinders
Shake your head back and forth to get a pedometer attached to your forehead to at least 125
Use a yo-yo tied to the back of a belt to knock down soda cans off of pedestals
Put together pieces of a cereal box, like a jigsaw puzzle
Bounce ping-pong balls off of the floor and a plexiglass wall into a bucket attached to your head
Place salt onto the tops of light bulbs so that eggs may be balanced on top of them
Use only one hand to run a thread through the heads of ten needles
Vertically stack three golf balls
Using threads draped over your ears, pull pencils up to your face so you can eat M&M's balanced on the pencil
Starting with three empty soda cans in one hands and three full ones in the other, transfer them to the opposite hand without putting them down
Throw playing cards in an attempt to get one stuck in a watermelon
Keep three balloons in the air for 60 seconds
Unwind a toilet paper roll by spinning your body, and without tearing the paper
Blow a deck of cards off the top of a bottle, leaving only a lone joker
Simultaneously throw two ping-pong balls so that they land in two distinct cups
Drop quarters into shot glasses located at the bottom of water-filled fish bowls
Use a pizza box to fan eggs across the stage into a designated area
Use a baseball in a pair of pantyhose, which you must wear on your head, to knock down water bottles on the floor
Transfer a cookie from your forehead to your mouth using only your head
While blindfolded, use a fishing rod to place a lampshade on your head
ObjectiveName of the Game
Use a tape measure to roll ping-pong balls into glasses placed at different distances
Balance six nails on a suspended string
Balance clothes hangers off of one another so that no hanger is located at a corner of another
Use one hand to pull out tissues from a box until it is empty
Create stacks of dice using only a cup
Push oranges into a hula hoop using a banana dangling from your waist
Stack 5 apples on top of each other
Get 8 ping-pong balls out of a tissue box attached to your back, without using your hands
Blow 2 feathers so they stay in the air for 60 seconds
Use the string of a yarn ball to swing the yarn ball to knock down empty soda cans stacked on top of full ones
Use marbles to knock down a pencil located 20 feet away
Use an inchworm technique on a bathroom floor mat to move around obstacles
Blow a bubble, and blow it into a ring across the stage
Pull a dollar bill from in between two stacked bottles without tipping them over
Take plastic cups from the top of a stack and place them at the bottom until the red cup is once again at the bottom
Bounce marbles into 15mm thimbles
Use petroleum jelly on your nose to transfer cotton balls from one bowl to another
Stack reams of paper like dominoes in order to ring a bell
Unroll spools of party streamers using only your hands and arms without ripping the streamers
Build a 10 layer tower of index cards
Grab pennies from the legs of a pair of pantyhose
ObjectiveName of the Game
Bounce alternating colors ping-pong balls into a 3x3 arrangement of cups to make at least one tic-tac-toe
In the dark, toss glow rings onto pegs in a 3-2-1 pyramid
Throw bean bags to turn off 6 push lights
Use rubber bands to knock a pyramid of empty soda cans off of a platform
Sort a bag of M&M's by color
Bounce pencils into cups on a table
Spin 10 dimes on a wood platform and use a single finger to stop them in the upright position
Stack 36 cups into a pyramid and then put them back into the original stacked position
Toss water bottles onto platforms in the upright position
Roll marbles so they stick to a strip of double-sided tape at the end of the table
Use a straw to suck M&M's and stack them on upright straws
Bounce a quarter into a 5 gallon water jug 15 feet away (This is the million dollar challenge)
Stack metal nuts by sliding them off of a chopstick without using your hands
Blow up a balloon and release the air to knock plastic cups of the table
Balance partially filled drink cans on its edges
Bounce ping-pong balls off of three plates and into a fish bowl
Use tweezers to place a tic tac through an upright tennis racquet without knocking it, or the tennis ball balances on the racquet over
Use a broom to knock stacked kitchen items so that the egg on top falls into the water glass on bottom
Move a gumball on a tennis racquet to a particular spot in the webbing
Sort 20 playing cards by value onto 5 pedestals
Whip a towl affixed to the floor to fling a ping-pong ball into a container across the floor

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