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In Charles Dickens' 'Tale of Two Cities', what was Madame Defarge always doing?Literature
What cakes are commonly called 'foam cakes' because their leavening is based on rising action of steam escaping from beaten egg whites?General Knowledge
In skiing, the international symbol for expert slopes is what shape of what color?Sports
Who was in the habit of saying 'Off with her head!'?Children's Literature
In triangle GHI, GI and HI are equal. Angle G is 55 degrees. How many degrees are in angle I?Math: Geometry
Which country has the most coastline?Geography
Proof in a criminal case must satisfy the judgment and conscience of a jury as to the guilt of a party beyond what degree of doubt?US Government: Law
A blood feud raged in Pike County, Kentucky in the latter decades of the 19th century between what two famous families?American History
A 'matchmaker' could be one who manufactures flame producing devices, but what is a 'matchmaker' in the musical comedy 'Fiddler on the Roof'?Theatre
It's a flammable material made from proxalin and camphor and was patented in 1889 by George Eastman. Name this material used in photographic film.Science: Photography
Combined, these two players have, combined, more than 1,000 home runs, more than any other father-son duo in Major League Baseball. Give me their surname.Sports
Throwing a custard pie into someone's face is what kind of humor?Vocabulary
Who said modestly about his landmark work: 'I have seen farther than any other man by standing on the shoulders of giants'?General Knowledge: Quotes
Many of this author's novels had a purpose of trying to accomplish some reform. Is it Robert Louis Stevenson, William Saroyan, Irving Stone, Charles Dickens, or Mary Shelley?Literature
The Battle of the Thames was a decisive conflict in which American war?US History
Most governors are elected for a four-year term. Only two states still have two-year terms for governor. Name one.US Government
'Old Man River' refers to what river?Geography
What famous fictional character who tilted at windmills hailed from La Mancha?Fine Arts: Theatre
What surgical tool cuts without a blade?Science: Medicine
This transportation is still used in certain communities. It consists of a four-wheeled vehicle drawn by a horse. The communities are located in Amish areas. What is it called?General Knowledge
Identify the author of this quote: 'Pile the bodies high at Austerlitz and Waterloo. Shovel them under and let me work. I am the grass. I cover all.'Literature: Poetry
The state bird is the chickadee. The tree is the white pine. It ranks 39th in size among all states and is the largest New England state. What state am I talking about?US Geography
Within the elastic limit, strain is proportional to stress. Whose law can be summarized by this simple formula?Science: Physics
In which country is the period from 1867 to 1912 known as the Meiji Period for the time when the emperor Mutsihito adopted as his title 'Meiji' meaning 'enlightened ruler'?World History
'When Johnny Comes Marching Home' is an overly sentimental song from which war?Fine Arts: Music
Under the British legal system, a solicitor advises clients and represents them in the lower courts. What's the name given to a lawyer who pleads cases in the higher courts?British Courts: Government
What is the largest single employer in the United States?General Knowledge
Give me the phrase derived from a psychiatrist's name which means a mistake made by a person because he was thinking about something else.Vocabulary
Who said, while campaigning in 1952, 'The great problem of America today is to take the straight road down the middle'?US History: Famous Quotes
Which of the following items does not belong on the list: Heathrow, Pimlico, Orly, Laguardia?Geography: Famous Places
What is the general name given to Olmec, Mohica, and Chavin sculpture, which were all styles used before 1492?Fine Arts: Sculpture
What number was Schubert's most famous unfinished symphony?Music
Admiral Farragut shouted 'Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!' during what famous Civil War battle?Military History
Of the three branches of the United States government, which one is responsible for enforcing federal law?Government
This group of 92 historical buildings, including Edison's laboratory, was collected and restored by Henry Ford. What's the name of this site located in Dearborn, Michigan?US Geography: Landmarks
It is proceeding with a $4 billion project to build 79 mobile floodgates in hopes of reducing serious annual flooding problems. I am talking about what European city?World Geography
The wife of Richard Byrd, she has an Antarctic land named after her. Who was she?History: Explorers
The world's largest layer of permafrost is about 1600 meters thick. Is it in Alaska, Russia, Canada, or Norway?Science: Geology
Walk, cantor, and gallop are three of four gaits of a show horse. What is the other?Sports
The prehistoric archaeopteryx was the first true what?Science
Which of these cities is out of place in the list: Tokyo, Melbourne, Rio de Janeiro, Montreal, New York?World Geography
Can you name the 1987 American film based on the 1985 French film 'Trois hommes et une enfant'?Fine Arts: Film
'It is human nature to hate those you have injured' said the most famous of Roman historians. Can you name him?Famous Quotes
In mathematics, what kind of equation cannot be uniquely solved because it has an infinite number of solutions?Math: Terminology
What do we call a polyhedron in which all faces but one have a vertex in common?Math: Geometry
All human veins carry deoxygenated blood except for this one.Science: Biology
Explain the meaning of the term 'certified check'?Economics: Banking
He was the first man to serve as Secretary of State under three presidents. He won acclaim as a lawyer in a Supreme Court case affecting his alma mater Dartmouth. Who was he?US History: Notable Persons
How many Earth days does it take the Sun to rotate around its own axis? Is it 2.7, 27.5, 55.2, or 81?Science

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