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What word refers to the upward and downward movement of output on a computer's display?General Knowledge
He gave every penny of the money taken in for 'The Messiah' to the Foundling Hospital in Dublin. Who was this generous composer?Music: Composers
Three structural devices primarily distinguish Roman architecture from Greek. Name any one of them.Roman Architecture
French Canada is the nickname for what Canadian province?Geography
When the House and Senate meet, or sit in joint session, where do they meet?US Government
Returning from the Soviet Union in 1942, his plane crashed and he spent 27 days on a raft before being rescued. He is most famous for his 26 victories in dogfights in WWI. Name himMilitary History
I'll supply the superstitious cause, and you supply the superstitious consequence: If you catch a wedding bouquet...General Knowledge
With which country did Thomas Pinckney negotiate the Pinckney treaty in 1795, which allowed the US to deposit goods on the New Orleans coast without paying taxes?US History
In the late 1950s, economic policies known as The Great Leap Forward occurred in what nation?Economics
Islands are often associated with the nearest land mass. I'll name the island, and you name the nearest continent: The HebridesGeography
Intaglio, lithography, screen, and relief are all names of what process in art?Art
The United States pulled its ambassador out of what country over worries for his personal safety after attacks on his embassy?Current Events
Name the author of Peter Rabbit.Children's Literature
The opponents of the Allied Powers during the First World War included Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turkey, and Bulgaria, and were collectively known as what?Military History
A blanket-like cloak with a hole for the head worn in South America is called what?Vocabulary: Clothing
What is the quickest way to determine if the solutions to a quadratic equation will be rational or irrational?Math
The Italian phrase 'viva el papa' is shouted in Saint Peter's Square every time white smoke in seen coming from the Sistine Chapel. Give the English translation of 'viva el papa'.Languages: Italian
What study is the application of the properties of liquids to engineering problems?Science
The mammals with the least amount of hair live in what type of environment?Science: Mammals
What federal body has the legal responsibility of conducting elections among employees to determine which, if any, union they favor as their bargaining agent?US Government
What is the state dance of Washington?US Geography: Symbols
Only a dozen Amendments have been added since 1870, but four were ratified during one man's presidency. Who was president when the 16th 17th 18th and 19th Amendments were enacted.US History
What is the highest rank or title that can be achieved by a career diplomat?Government
Name the occupation of Mr. Webb in the play 'Our Town'.Fine Arts: Theatre
Croesus was the ruling monarch of Lidya. He was defeated by the King of Persia in 546 BC. Name that Persian king.Ancient History
In what building do we find the Great Rotunda?Geography: Landmarks
The invention of recitatif, or dramatic melody, paved the way for what form of dramatic singing or musical theatre?Art
Which two weapons does Dorothy use to kill the witches in 'The Wizard of Oz'?Movies
Name two of the three principle characters in Dante's 'Divine Comedy'Poetry
The largest city between Canada and Great Britain. This national capital is heated by underwater hot springs. What is it?Geography
Revived in the 19th century USA, it was used by King Darius in Persia for message delivery. What am I talking about?US History
Of football, baseball, rowing and tennis, what is the oldest American college sport?Sports
Only four presidents of the United States never held any other elective office. Name any two of them.US Government
Earth travels through space at a speed of how many miles per second: 12.1, 15.3, 18.5 or 21.1?Science: Space
Usually, triangles are classified by angles or by sides, by sides either equilateral, isosceles or scalene. But, if a triangle is acute, what would its major characteristic be?Math
The name of this eastern US River comes from the Indian word meaning 'where goods are brought it'. It could also have been derived from the Greek word for river. What river is it?Geography: Vocabulary
Electric current will flow from a filament through a vacuum to a plate. This effect is the principle behind vacuum tubes, and was discovered in 1883 by what American inventor?Science: Inventors
What home for wayward boys is located near Omaha Nebraska?General Knowledge
If a defendant does not believe he can receive a fair trial in the area where the crime was committed, he can ask the court to move the trial to a new location. What is this calledVocabulary: Law
Albert Bierstadt, Thomas Moran, and Charles Russell are all best known for their paintings depicting: A)Beautiful women B)The early West C)Inanimate objects D)ShipsFine Arts
Give the last line of the patriotic song 'America' not to be confused with 'America the Beautiful'.Music: Lyrics
Identify the Shakespeare play from the following opening line: 'I thought the king had more affected the Duke of Albany than Cornwall'Shakespeare
What is said to be the coldest and most undesirable place in Russia?World Geography
Who is known as the father of Western Monasticism: Saint Augustine, Saint Benedict, Saint Francis, or Saint Anselm?World Religions
What evangelist was regarded as the single greatest influence on the Prohibition Movement?US History
Persons injured while riding in YOUR car are probably covered by what kind of insurance?General Knowledge: Insurance
What three word term is given to the point where an object would be perfectly balanced in all positions if suspended?Science: Physics
Of the three major groups of rocks, which is formed exclusively at the surface of the Earth instead of deep inside the crust?Geology
Starting in 1956, this award is presented to the player voted 'Pitcher of the Year' in Major League Baseball. What is this award named?Sports
Identify this word ending with the suffix -ive: A verbal mood that offers supposition.Vocabulary
One of the conditions laid upon him by the king of the island where he was marooned was that he would have to carry a messenger and a horse in his pocket if necessary. Who was he?Literature
Which St. Louis Cardinals slugger tied the record for the most home runs in a single World Series game at 3, sharing the record with Reggie Jackson and Babe Ruth?Current Events
New York City's metropolitan area includes parts of New Jersey and Connecticut. What other state is part of the metropolitan area of Omaha, Nebraska?US Geography
Eight men are in a room. Each man shakes hands with each other once. How many handshakes are made total?Math
Star, flying dutchman, and tornado are all classes in which Olympic sport?Sports
How many Continental Congresses were held?US Government
In Chemistry, this general term refers to any substances used to detect, measure, or convert another substance. What is it called?Science: Chemistry

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