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Can you name the song titles given a scrambled version of its chorus or refrain?

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Scrambled Chorus/RefrainSongActual Chorus/Refrain
Your complaint forever advice. Wait, I got in new priceless debt to a...Hey!
His eyes are deep and as wide, maybe. The world is love. The world is life.
And the dead superstars sucked the supermassive glaciers into melting in and of the night.
How it wants to fight no one who's beat it. Be defeated strong. Right or wrong, it is just. Showin' your funky beat doesn't matter.
There it is. I see the last of angels. Nothing left in your eyes. You can say goodbye and sing of the anthem.
Burn, burn, burn! And if the wick don't burn quick, you gonna burn. Better do the trick. Make the barracuda real. Ooooo, you up to something.
You gotta leave their city. Gonna move. Everybody's gonna lose their mind. Get down in Detroit. Get everybody's feet up, seat your rock.
Hello. For everything I've called home, you seem to be from the other side I never call that. I tell you a thousand times, I'm done. But you must have you. Sorry.
Scrambled Chorus/RefrainSongActual Chorus/Refrain
Holding my body. This body is an illusion. I am not this body. Alone in this body. This eternal pain. Me feeling all this. Me holding that reminder. Be here.
You're too blind to see in shadows addicted to time. You're gonna lose it. Face the pain. You're all too addicted to Lost.
Doctor, I need medicine. Cure my bad, bad, bad disease. No, that ain't like it. Your love is medicine. Just shake what is up there like no medicine can.
The piano melody alright, and a song for the mood tonight. Us? We're all feeling for a sing song. Well, you've got us. Sing us in. You're the man.
You don't cry when I think I deserve suicide. Self-righteous in my trust. Die, angels.
I'll never be this wrench. Your monkey don't wanna suffer one more wrench accident. I'd rather be indecent than leave your monkey.
When a reflection speaks to me, only neon lights can follow lies. The Nobel prize leader won't set you free. You have me.

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