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QuoteMissing word/phraseCharacter
I sucked so bad, they used to pick me ____ ___ ____ ____.
He brokeded my ____!
We win! ____ ____ in the showers tonight! ...or not. Or not.
It ain't easy being ____!
Somebody bring me a ____ ____!
Just finish your ____ ____ and go back to sleep.
That one hurt my ____ ____.
QuoteMissing word/phraseCharacter
I think I made him ____ ____.
What the hell's a ____-____?
You're about as maniacal as a box full of ____.
I'm sorry! I brokeded your ____.
We'll see you and your ____ ____ at practice.
I love little ____.
Good news boys, I didn't spill my ____.

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