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related to the horse
only eats termites
rosette patterned coat; its rosette markings have no internal spots
Known for its speed, holding the respectable title of the fastest animal on land.
the only cat to form prides or groups
like to wallow about in the water, due to the fact their skin is quite thin - and if they are not submerged in water they are vulnerable to dehydration
To drink, this animal must spread its front legs so its head can reach the water
Mark their territory with urine, and it is illegal all across the world to trade their horns.
Africa's second fastest animal, at 80km/hr.
They make a laughing sound when they are defending their territory.
If they are under attack from a predator, they will roll into a ball.
tongue is 21 inches in length
Large, flappable ears help these huge animals to cool off
It is the tallest of all living land mammals
They have a scent gland above their hoof. They can roam great distances, and follow their scent trail back to their herd.
Survive only on the island of Madagascar off the southeast coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean, and on the neighboring Comoros islands.
Black stripes run from their eyes down to the corners of their mouths. Their bodies are spotted. Tails are long with a few black bands and sometimes a white tip.
Long-legged, large-eared spotted cats. They are able to leap up to three meters above the ground to catch birds.
The groups of this animal are called mobs. Throughout the day, adults take turns serving as sentries, looking out for predators. When a potential threat is seen, the sentinel will
The largest land animals on Earth.
The largest of the living primates, males weigh up to 200kg, yet are shy and retiring.
They come close to humans in the use of facial expressions and body language; using both arms and hands.
The largest antelope in the world.
Tiny antelopes that have large dark eyes surrounded by a white ring.
A colony of what animals thrive thanks to the cold Antarctic currents on the west coast near the Cape.

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