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Can you name the counties in the state of Texas whose names are legal to play in Scrabble?

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SeatCountyDefinition (points)
[Name] CityOne who draws a bow and arrow (11)
MuleshoeAn outer castle wall (11)
[Name]villeA insect that pollinates flowers (5)
BeltonA metal object that is hit to produce sound (6)
MeridianA small wooded area (17)
FalfurriasSmall streams (12)
[Name]woodA dark red-orange color (10)
[Name]A perennial herb (8)
PittsburgA dwelling in an undeveloped area (10)
AnahuacEnclosed spaces (17)
HenriettaAn earthly material often used to make bricks or pottery (9)
Robert LeeTo transform coal into a fuel (10)
ColumbusA medium-strength cigar (11)
Paint RockAn ornamental disk; something shaped like a shell (13)
[Name]To stretch the neck (7)
CooperA triangular object (6)
[Name]The devil (14)
MarlinDescends via gravity (8)
RobyOne who catches marine animals (12)
Mount VernonA medieval English landowner (15)
FairfieldA large rock that is cut without splitting (12)
PampaDismal in mood or outlook (8)
AndersonSoils that have accumulated on surfaces (9)
PlainviewExceptionally healthy (7)
MemphisA large room or building used as a gathering place (7)
San MarcosCut and dried grasses (10)
EdinburghA Spanish nobleman (12)
[Name]sboroA protruberance smaller than a mountain (7)
GranburyA covering such as for the head (8)
GreenvilleTo pursue animals (7)
[Name]sboroA certain playing card (17)
[Name]A type of quartz (15)
Cleburne(Only in Tournament Word List) (17)
AnsonA craving typically due to addiction (12)
JaytonHave known (8)
GuthrieA male hereditary ruler (9)
LittlefieldA young sheep (11)
GiddingsAway from the wind (3)
SeatCountyDefinition (points)
[Name]Freedom of action (12)
GroesbeckA calcium-rich rock often used in building (11)
[Name]A grassy plane (5)
MentoneShowing extreme affection for (10)
StantonA small swallow (8)
[Name]A skilled bricklayer (7)
Eagle PassAn unconventional, independent person (17)
HondoThe native part of an African city (9)
[Name]A country's interior (11)
GoldthwaiteThousandths of a dollar (7)
DaingerfieldA vigorous English folk dance (8)
MatadorVariegated in color or composition (11)
[Name]A basic unit of force (9)
[Name]An acidic fruit that grows in warm climates (7)
WeatherfordOne who leaves a vehicle (12)
AmarilloOne who makes clayware (8)
MarfaA typically Spanish military post or fort (11)
EmoryPrecipitates (5)
LeakeyThe currency of Brazil (4)
PecosPasses a rope through a hole or opening (9)
BallingerRivulets (7)
HendersonAn often hard or sweet bread or biscuit (8)
HemphillA juniper or cedar (8)
SnyderTo move briskly often into hiding (11)
TylerA metal fabricator (10)
[Name] CityThe currency of England (9)
AspermontTo fiercely obstruct or resist (12)
TuliaOne who makes a basketball shot without the ball touching the rim (13)
BrownfieldAn absorbent cloth (8)
GrovetonA group of three related things (10)
[Name]A light carriage (13)
HuntsvilleA pedestrian (13)
MonahansThe state of being guarded (7)
[Name]Something that moves via rolling (13)
KermitOne who evicts or forces out (14)
DecaturPossessing deep insight (7)
QuitmanThe substance that composes trees (8)
GrahamEarly in life or development (9)

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