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Can you name the U.S. Open golf champions whose last names are legal Scrabble words?

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YearsGolferDefinition (points)
1898A large group of animals kept together under human control (8)
1899, 1906, 10A metalworker (10)
1920A narrow beam of light (6)
1923, 26, 29, 30, 96A strong craving (12)
1924One who travels by foot (13)
1927Defensive clothing covering the body (chiefly British; 8)
1931To murder by suffocation (11)
1933The master of a household (11)
1935Pieces of ground kept for ornament or recreation (11)
1939, 83A hold used in wrestling (6)
1940Small (6)
1941A hard, fibrous substance that makes up trees (9)
1948, 50, 51, 53A Navajo Indian dwelling (9)
1955To mark with tiny streaks or spots (14)
1958A type of fastener; a stroke of lightning (6)
1960A religious pilgrim; one who carries certain tree leaves (10)
YearsGolferDefinition (points)
1961Smaller (7)
1964A device for measuring fluid flow (10)
1965One who participates in a game or sport (11)
1969Subject to depression; gloomy (11)
1973One who grinds grain into flour (8)
1975, 81A whole-wheat flour (12)
1976The top of the head (6)
1977Not ripe (6)
1978, 85A point of the compass (8)
1988, 89Different from what is usual, normal or expected (8)
1992To obtain money or credit fradulently (8)
1994, 97Elevated railroads (3)
1995A stately court dance of the 16th century; music for such a dance (10)
2000, 02, 08A dense growth of trees smaller than a forest (10)
2009One who makes clothing that covers the hands (10)
2013A typically reddish flower (4)

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