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Can you name all the counties in the state of Colorado whose names are legal to play in Scrabble?

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SeatCountyDefinition (points)
Las AnimasDeformed from a straight position (6)
[Name]A large, detached, worn rock (10)
[Name]An amount of change (6)
[Name]A coin worth ten dollars (6)
Hot Sulphur SpringsOne thousand dollars (7)
LeadvilleAn inland body of standing water (8)
SterlingA stone balanced to permit movement (6)
Grand JunctionAn extensive, elevated, flat-topped area larger than a butte (5)
CreedeAn ore or similar inorganic substance (9)
FairplayAn outdoor area for the playing of sports (10)
[Name]A community typically of Southwestern American Indians (10)
BreckenridgeTo reach the highest point (10)
Cripple CreekA bank employee (6)
GreeleyTo join by heating (7)

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