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Can you name the Academy Award for Best Actress winners whose last names are legal to play in Scrabble?

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YearActressDefinition (points)
1930One who cuts or clips (10)
1940Affirmative responses (7)
1943To hanker for (12)
1947At an early stage of growth (9)
1952A small enclosure, often for the sale of goods (10)
1954A bright shade of green (12)
1958An officer who tends cattle (17)
1965A sharp turn made by a skier (13)
1969One who works with metal (10)
1975One who makes arrows (16)
YearActressDefinition (points)
1979, 84To catch a ball (9)
1985A leaf in a manuscript (7)
1988, 91To care for as a parent would (9)
1990Tempers the force of (7)
1993One who pursues animals for food or sport (9)
1997To search for (7)
1999, 2004Opulent (12)
2001A small, edible fruit (10)
2009A castrated bovine (15)
2016A weight of fourteen pounds (5)

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